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Gold has been prized and coveted for as long as the concept of 'value' has existed.   It's been used variously as jewellery,  money,  dental fillings,  a critical component in high-end electronics,  medicine,  and even as a garnish. . .  but most of all as a stable,  inflation beating investment.

In these uncertain post-Brexit times,  with growing political and market volatility around the world,  gold has never been in such demand.


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For your convenience,  we have divided our gold stock into four galleries. . .  simply click an image below to enter each collection!

Trade price gold chains

gold chains

A constantly updated collection of stunning gold chains and necklaces, including curb, belcher, rope and fancy chains, all in durable 9 carat gold.

Open a gallery of 9ct gold bangles and bracelets

bracelets & bangles

From delicate wristlets to chunky statement pieces, this collection includes trade priced bracelets and bangles in 9 carat yellow, rose and white gold.

Visit this gallery of men's 9 carat gold rings

men's gold rings

A gallery illustrating our current stock of 9ct gold men's rings including signet rings and wedding bands, all available to you at preferential prices.

A collection of various 9ct wearable investments

9ct gold jewellery

Browse our collection of 9ct gold earrings, lockets, pendants, brooches and more;  in modern, antique and vintage styles. . .  but all at low trade prices!


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to frequently asked questions

Whilst captivatingly beautiful,  gold is a very soft metal.   It's durability of form depends entirely upon the metals with which it is mixed,  or alloyed...   and the proportion of gold within this alloy is referred to as its 'carat' standard.

What does 9 Carat mean?
Because of its softness,  gold  (refined to 99.9% purity)  is rarely used to make jewellery or intricate objects and other metals are added that change both it's properties and,  to some extent,  the final colour.

When no other metal is added,  pure gold is defined as 24 carat.   When 22 parts of these 24   (91.6%)  is made up of gold  you have 22 carat.   Similarly,  18 carat means that 18 of 24 parts  (75%)  is gold and,  for 9 Carat,  37.5%,  or 9 parts per 24!

Why does GoGold only offer 9ct?
When in the form of jewellery,  even 18ct gold lacks the strength and hardness to give an item long term resistance to wear and deformation.

Price,  of course,  also plays a major role!   A 9ct bracelet valued at £850 would cost £1,700 in 18ct!   Although the pound for pound,  gram for gram,  investment value is identical,  the lower cost of 9ct gold makes it far more affordable and accessible.

What metals are added to gold?
Different metals,  when added to gold,  affect the strength and malleability of the final alloy. . .  but are also used to subtly vary the colour.   When copper alone is used,  the resulting red hue is often referred to as 'rose gold',  whilst alloying with zinc and silver creates the much paler warmth of white gold.

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